Where to buy La Chamba Blackware Cookware

These are location I have found La Chamba Cookware for sale.

The stores are listed into a few categories: web stores, stores by state and wholesalers. I will be adding to this posting so please send in your suggestions.

Sometimes my choices will be bias but cooking is a personal thing and some places just do it better than others. In the future look for reviews, experiences of some of these companies and stores too.

Sustainable Cultures Online Chamba Cookware Catalog 

One of the largest vendors of La Chamba Cookware in the US.  Also one the only official members of the Fair Trade Federation specializing in working for the rights of artisans representing La Chamba. You can contact Steve Gloss, the director of this non profit, to find one of the largest selection and variety of pieces available or find Sustainable Cultures La Chamba cookware at artisan and farmers  markets in the New Mexico and Colorado area.

Whisk, Brooklyn and  NYC, NY


BROOKLYN 231 BEDFORD AVENUE (718) 218-7230

MANHATTAN 933 BROADWAY (212) 477-8680


Toque Blanche California

Wholesale and retail.




New Zealand!!



210 S. Adams Fredericksburg, TX 78624 Toll Free: (800) 977-9527


No shopping cart.



La Vida Verde – http://www.lavidaverde.com

I LOVE THESE PEOPLE. They have worked very closely with the artisians of La Chamba to help them have better pottery yields. They have an excellent selection. The pack shipments well and never over charge with shipping… an important cost consideration when ordering.

Very good ethics. I can not recommend La Vida Verde more highly.