Where to Buy Clay Cookware


If you are lucky enough to have a progressive cookware store in your area that would be the best place to start shopping locally for clay cookware. Unfortunately many cookware stores will only have a couple of pieces and the best you might be able to find is a crock pot. Please ask your local stores to carry more clay cookware. One it will keep this endangered art form of quality cookware alive in the world and two as a consumer nothing beats being able to hold and pick out your favorite clay pots.

Other avenues for finding clay cookware is at Fair Trade, ethnic grocery stores and galleries. These type of stores usually know quite a bit about the cultural heritage of the pieces and add a nice historic dimension to your clay cookware selecting.

One of the most interesting and best ways to find a special piece of clay cookware is at markets. Craft and farmers markets are excellent sources to meet clay artist. Particularly if you are traveling to areas with strong clay cooking traditions. From France to Morocco, New Mexico to Chile, India to the Philippines ask in any town you visit and you will watch peoples faces light up as they share stories of cooking in clay.

The most reliable avenue for clay cookware is the internet. There are sites that specialize in different areas of the world and can be excellent resources for clay cookware. Since websites will usually have a focus on a type of clay cookware they will likely offer the most extensive collections and be very knowledgeable about that cookware.

Here are listings of some resources. Check back often for updates.

Click here for a list of stores by country and state.

Click here for websites featuring clay cookware.

Click here for clay cookware artist.

Click here for markets and fairs where clay cookware might be found.

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