Super Simple Lentil Recipe

I used a Mexican bean pot to cook the Lentils.

I ordered it through Gourmet Slueth on the web. Excellent price and Gourmet Slueth is a big enthusiast of clay cooking.  I would recommend visiting their site.

Another site that offers clay bean pots is

Watch for additional recipes using some of there clayware. I like that I can feel safe they have approved the leadfree aspect of their cookware.

Super Simple Lentils

Bag of Lentils

Garlic – 3 cloves

Cilantro 1/3 of a cup fresh or 1T dry.

1 chopped tomato – or canned is fine too.

1 vegetable broth cube – can of broth would work but adjust amount of water used.

Salt and Pepper

Rinse a bag of dried lentils… any color of lentils. Put them in about 6 cups of water in the bean pot, add one chopped large onion,  crush or chop the garlic and add with the cilantro dried or fresh, a vegetable broth cube, 1 chopped medium tomato  and salt and pepper to taste. Cook until tender… add water if necessary.

These lentils are so basic that you could add a spice like cumin for a little more distinctive flavor. Ideal for blending into soups, Indian dishes, or as a quick side dish.

Lentils are very nutritious and easy to prepare. Most varieties are 26% protein and considered one of the healthiest foods to eat.

I used a Mexican bean pot to cook the Lentils.