Paula Wolfert’s Foods of Morocco Prune & Almond Chicken Tagine

Indonesian Tagine using Paula Wolfert’s Chicken Prune and Almond Recipe

Found this very unusual earthenware etched tagine in Boulder Colorado at a Fair Trade Store. It is from the island of Lombok in Indonesia. When I purchased it I was given very little information so hopefully this will be helpful for others who are considering one of these lovely tagines.

The finish on this tagine was nicely burnished but felt like an oil had been applied so I washed it thoroughly and placed milk in the bowl and slowly seasoned for an hour at 325 degrees. After washing it again (no soap) I let it dry thoroughly. Being terrible spoiled by my other earthenware from Chamba, Colombia (a clay comal pictured here where I toasted almonds) , I wanted to be able to use this Lombok tagine on the gas stove top as well as the oven.

Indonesian Clay Tagine on Gas Stove Top

I didn’t have a defuser and decided to go for the direct flame feeling that this clay cooking pot seemed highly fired enough, didn’t have any glaze and was thick and sturdy. Carefully I heating the pot with a little oil on very low flame, preparing to start braising chicken for making Paula Wolfert’s delicious prune and almond chicken dish from her extensive new Foods of Morocco cookbook. Gradually I raised the heat, building it up to a low high heat. It handled the flame very well and evenly. After such a successful beginning I ended up cooking the whole dish on the stove top for an hour and didn’t even put it in the oven. A great first adventure for this beautiful Indonesian tagine. This tagine is imported by and available at Ten Thousand Villages in the US and Canada through their supportive Fair Trade work with Lombok Pottery Cooperative.