French Baked Eggs at Fabianes, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

We haven’t jumped much into Glazed Clay Cooking… more to follow but here is  a little start…

Was offered the opportunity to review a little French Bakery style Bistro in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY called Fabianes Cafe and Pastry Shop located at Bedford Ave and 5th Ave.  A great place to pick up a quality cup of strong coffee and grab a fabulous little pastry. They offer small, popular, inside and outside tables for enjoying the sandwiches, soups, salads and breakfast dishes they serve creating a bistro like atmosphere.  Rumor is the owner is a fine trained French Pastry chef and it shows in the elegant while casual menu selections. Affordable, high quality and quick European flaire.

We stopped in to taste the Baked eggs served in a few different shapes of a classic gratins.  I selected the salmon, scallions, potato and egg mixture. It appeared about 10 min later with a perfect addition of a classic baguette and butter. There was an excellent balance of Salmon.. nothing over board but a strong quality breakfast meal for mid price place.  Little fried squares of potatoes were sprinkled on top for a nice texture and taste addition. With the final touch of an wide ceramic cup of strong black coffee, the encrusted egg gratin took my mind right back to France. Success!

The heavy glazed clay dish cooked the 3 eggs perfectly (for my taste) the yokes were a little cooked and still runny.  It was an ample portion with the bread to satisfy my hunger. A big eatter might like to suppliment with fruit, oatmeal or additions from from the menu.

The cost for the eggs between $6.40 and $7.50 depending if you would like Tomato and Feta, Proscuitto and cheese or the Salmon Choice.

A four star breakfast, the Coffee, might even deserve a five star…