Claypot Dining at Sea Thai Bistro in Brooklyn, NY

Geyser Shrimp with Vermicelli and Stir Fry

Sea Thai Bistro in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY may be the most popular Thai restaurant in all NYC. This huge modern asian decor restaurant, has long waiting lines most every evening. Know for it good value and style it is easy to see its appeal. It seem an excellent choice to start are new blog area on dining with reviews of restuarants  that feature dishes served (and hopefully prepared) in Clay Pots.

Sea features two dishes on its menu with Claypots:


Geyser Shrimp In Clay Pot Jumbo shrimps, vermicelli and ginger cooked in clay pot with stir-fried mixed vegetables $14.


Seafood Rice pot shrimps, squid and filet of red snapper and organic vegetables in gravy sauce served over jasmine $13.

Served in classic asian sand pots from China.

The Geyser Shrimp was by far the better choice. The Seafood Rice was very unoriginal, boring and probably should be removed from the menu. Had ample seafood but just not much flavor… mostly a big bowl of white rice with some vegetables and seafood on top. What was inside this classic pot wasn’t even prepared in it. Just served that way for effect.

The Geyser Shrimp was a bit more interesting. Made with vermicelli noodles it had a nice brown sauce with a generous quality of ginger and a hit of fish sauce. The dish arrives like it was tossed and haphazardly thrown into the claypot which should have kept the dish nice and hot but is was barly warm. Sadly I feel they could have done so much better with this dish.

I have enjoyed the curries and appetizers at Sea many times and I would not go out of my way to have a claypot dish at Sea. Check back for more restaurant postings…
recommendations always encouraged.


Sea Thai Bistro

114 N 6th St, Brooklyn 11211


Claypot dishes – not recommended