Mashed Root Jerusalem Artichokes, Celeriac and Potatoes Recipe

I am very fortunate to live near the Union Square Green Farmers Market in New York City. Every Satuday and Wednesday stalls of great fresh produce and local area food products are available. Being of the growers are featuring fabulous root vegetables.

This a highly recommended dish for anyone who likes mash potatoes but would like to take the complexity of mashed flavors to another level.

I selected Jerusalem artichokes, Celeriac and may different purple and white finger and round potatoes. A great tasty combo to steam and mash. This dish is high in iron, potassium, Magnesium, B6, Vitamin C and thiamine.

This also offered me an opportunity to test out my new


Emile Henry glazed ceramic pot from France. This company has been producing top quality ceramic cookware since 1850.

Peel a Celeriac root and slice. Steam for 9 min.

While that celeriac is steaming, peal (if desired)  and quarter your potatoes to med size piece. I used about 2 lbs of mixed kinds. Any creamy style potatoe will work. I love purple potatoes and finger potatoes for there rich buttery flavor. Place the cut potatoes on top of the steaming celeriac for another 10 min.


Peel about 1 lb of Jerusalem artichokes and cut into pieces put on top of the potatoes and steam another 10 min.


Move the steamed roots to a bowl


Back in the now empty pan, steamer and water removed place a half a cup of milk gently warm and ad a stick of cut up butter, melt the butter.  Put the roots and vegetables back in with the warm milk and butter. Mash with a hand held masher.

Serve immediately. Or place in an ovenproof dish and put the warmed mixture in a low oven until ready to serve. Can be cooled and reheated in the oven before serving.