Margarita Agave Cranberry Sauce

Margarita Cranberry Pomegranate

Blue Agave Sauce / Relish

¼ C of Tequila

¼ C of Grand Marnier

1 lb Cranberries


1/8 C of Blue Agave


2 limes


2 oranges


2 small or 1 large pomegranates

In a clay pot or pan, grade the skin off the lime and orange. Try not to include too much of the pith. Juice the lime and orange, add the tequila and blue agave. Boil the cranberries 8 to 9 min. The clay pot will continue to cook the berries a little. Cool the mixture. When cool add the Grand Marnier. Add seeds from pomegranate and blend. Chill and serve.