Hearty & Easy Clay Pot Bean Soup – Vegan friendly

This is a stick to your ribs bean soup.

1 Medium Onion chopped very fine
2 hot peppers – long red work nicely – Remove seeds and mince.
½ C oil.
2 T of Flour
3 cans of Beans. Your choice. Mixed types can be tasty.
½ C of finely minced fresh parsley leaves
3+ Cups of Water or Stock (more if desired)


Slowly saute the finely chopped onions in ¼ C canola oil until the onion is transparent. Add the minced hot peppers to the onion. Cook a minute longer.

Sprinkle 2 T of flour over the oily onions and peppers. Stir as the combination cooks and flour absorbs the oil. Make sure not to burn. Can turn a caramel like color but will likely be more transparent. Add ¼ cup of water or vegetable stock to make a pasty gravy. Continue cooking a few min. Add about a Cup of Water or Stock (beer/stock blend works too), parsley and simmer slowly while you prepare the next step.

In another pot, rinse three cans of beans and cook in a ¼ cup of oil.  As the beans start to heat and soften, mash the beans along the sides of the pan with the back side of a wooden spoon. You may also want to use a potato masher. As you mash, slowly add a cup of water(or vegetable stock) to moisten the beans. You will end up with a thick bean paste. Add to the onion, pepper, parsley stock to the bean paste. Add water or stock (usually 1 to 2 C) until your desired consistency. Season with salt and pepper. Process through blender if you would like a smoother texture. Serve hot garnish with fresh parsley, (a dab of crème frache for non vegans) with crusty seasoned bread or crackers.

Which clay pot to use??? A heavy clay is preferable. Flat bottom or round bottomed clay pots work very well for both stages of this soup. I used one flat Chamba Stew Pot to saute the vegetable and a medium Chamba olla for the bean paste. The Round belly of the olla fit the back of the wooden spoon to nicely mash the beans along its side as it cooks and softens.