Guacamole Banana Boat Appetizers Recipe

Really easy to make and great with cocktails, particularly your favorite Margarita or serve as an appetizer to a tropical dinner. Fried Green Bananas, topped with Guacamole and dusted with Mexican Cheese.

For your Banana Boat bottom

2 Large Green Bananas

2 cloves of minced Garlic

Oil for Frying

Cut the ends of the Green bananas off. Then run a knife slice through on side of the banana peal. Just the peal. Green bananas can be a little hard to peal but try to keep the peal from getting into too small of pieces when you take it off the banana, we will use the peal later.

Slice the banana into one inch slices. Fry both sides of the banana slices in a light coating of oil for about 1 to 2 min to make them more tender. I used a La Chamba lipped plate or a baking pan would work.


Once the banana started to soften, remove it from the pan and put it between 2 pieces of the on the inside of the banana peel and with the palm of your hand press down gently to flatten the banana slice to about 1/4 of an inch. You could use a wooden banana press for this too but I like using the peel the most.


Add the garlic to your oil and You should be able to gently remove the little flattened banana “pancake” back to the oil for crisping. Make about 16 or 20 from your two bananas.

You now have a little banana chip as a base for your guacamole.

If you have the time and want to be a little fancy, take the banana chips right when they come out of the oil from crisping and with small muffin cups, gentle push on the banana chips to mold to the shape of the muffin cups to make little banana cups… or boats.

Make your favorite Guacamole blend or here is mine

1 large or 2 small avocados

A plum tomato chopped

half a jalapeno minced

1/4 of an onion minced

half to all of a lime juice

1/8 of a cup of minced cilantro

dash of cumin

2 teaspoons of my favorite hot sauce (not that much a fan of Tabasco but could work).

Salt and pepper to taste

Mash the avocado up and add all the rest mix.

Put a dollop of the Guacamole on the top of each Banana Chip and dust with Queso Cotijo Anejo. I find this cheese to taste the best and be an important topping to this appetizer with its salty almost parmesan like quality. Seems to bring all the topping and bottom together really well.

Serve immediately. Particularly if you have the Margaritas ready. Check out these Cranberry Margaritas.  Salud!