Electric vs Gas Stoves for your La Chamba Cookware

I use La Chamba blackware pottery from Columbia almost everyday in my cooking and I can assure you if you are using a quality La Chamba product you can place it directly on the gas stove with little or no worries. I use in in the oven and microwave as well.


I have not personally used this cookware on an electric stove, but I hear on good authority that you should use a diffuser. Here are some types of diffusers I have found on the web, including a very attractive copper options. Most cost between $10 and $2o. A good tool to have around to cook on gas or electric stoves.

http://www.kitchenkapers.com/heat-diffusers.html  cast iron, and other types

http://bellacopper.stores.yahoo.net/   copper diffuser