Drunken Paprika Beef Stew

Strong, powerful sauce for over pasta or rice.  Not a gentle sauce kind of recipe but great when a pepper head is seeking a strong beefy pepper fix.

1/2 C Red Wine

1 lg onion chopped med fine

2 T Olive Oil

1.25 lbs of Sirloin cut in bite size pieces

7 Cloves of Garlic Pressed

1 t of flour

1 t of Balsamic Vinegar

1 dried Mulatto Pepper dried with stem and membrane removed then crushed

3 T fof Dried Hot Hungarian Papika

juice of half a Lime

1/2 C of water

Sauted the onions in Olive Oil slowly over medium low heat, stirring regularly, dropping heat to low as they get translucent and limp, deglaze the pan with quarter portions of the wine, slowly cook the onions… longer the better…even up to an hour if you are patient and can watch to make sure the onions don’t burn. Add meat and crushed garlic to the onion, wine mixture. Continue to saute and brown the meat, garlic, wine mixture, coat meat with paprika and flour, saute briefly, then add the Vinegar, lime juice, water and crushed pepper.

Add water if necessary to keep a a nice considence to the stew. Depending on how tight the lid of the your clay pot will determine how much water you will want to add. This is a very thick, dense stew, kind of like a mole. Great when you are in the mood for a pepper punch of flavor.

Serve over bow noodles or pasta of your choice.