Do you know how to make Coconut Milk or Rendered Pork at home?

Clay cookware brings out natural flavors of food, so why chose canned and packaged ingredients if there are easy options to make at home? I never really thought of making my own Coconut Milk or Rendering Pork thinking they were too time consuming… but these two videos showed me how simple, more nutritious, food safe and better tasting these homemade steps can be to dramatically improve recipes. Hope you enjoy and feel the excitement I did when I tasted my first batch of  homemade Coconut Milk and Rendered Pork.

First Video stop…. Zarela,  a goddess of cooking! Highly recommend her site, cookbooks and  restaurants. Visit for a tremendous selection of tips and Latin recipes.  I was so happy to have found her video for Rendering Pork, it was very eye and artery opening… Just imagine doing the pork cooking in a clay casserole, it works great… fabulous for tamale making and any dish that asks for lard.

Many more great videos with Zarela at
Also found this super easy and quick way to make Coconut milk at home at . This site also has a rich array of oils and natural foods for sale.


Send me pictures of you making your own coconut milk and rendered pork in clay and I will post! nathalie@creativeclaycooking.comHappy Clay Cooking!Nathalie