Left over Cranberry Sauce… a Cranberry Margarita!

If you used the Margarita Agave Cranberry Sauce from a previous posting that you made in a clay pot… I have a couple of killer ideas with what to do with any left over cranberry sauce from this or any other cranberry…. can work with canned too. Adjust sweetening to fit your taste buds and the sauce you start with.

Cranberry Margarita

Take a 1/4 of a cup of the cranberry mixture of your choice… add a shot of tequila, a half a shot of Gran Manier, two ice cubes and sweetner of your choice if needed – I make very tart cranberry sauces – blend in a blender.  A yummy Cranberry Margarita!

You can add a cup or two of left over cranberrry sauce to your favorite basic muffin and pancake recipes to make killer breakfast treats.

Some people like to add cranberry to turkey and chicken salads as well.

Let me know your ideas!!