Corned Beef made in a clay pot for St Patrick’s Day

A recipe shared by Leonard Abrams for using his new La Chamba lidded pot… Ideal for cooking an anytime or a St Patrick’s special corned beef meal. The Clay Pot, a La Chamba lidded pot, is an great Dutch oven like piece of cookware for a very moist corned beef.

“Took a 3-1/2-lb hunk of corned beef, put it in a pot with some water, about 12 oz of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer [the hipsters will love this], about a tablespoon of pickling spices, which were premixed in a jar and were in the cabinet when I moved in 8 years ago [still potent though], an onion halved & a few cloves of garlic, then cooked it for maybe a couple of hours, then added four or 5 red potatoes and a couple of carrots, cooked it another 20 mins and added half a head of cabbage cut in four, boiled it till the cabbage got soft, et voila, le corned beef. served it with brown mustard, horseradish and plenty of PBR.”

Thank you Leonard… can not wait to try!!