Contemporary Irish Clay Cooking Pots

As it is a beautiful St Patrick’s Day here in NYC it seemed a yummy time to point out a fine tried and true Clay Pot Corned Beef recipes contributed to this blog last holiday

This stirred and inspired an investigation about clay pot cooking traditions in Ireland.  Just scratching the surface…here are two quick finds I would like to enthusiastically share and hope to encourage more exploration…


An Irish Gallery – Gourmet Pots

A store dedicated to Handmade pots from potters who have thought seriously about what is required of a ceramic piece that will be used to prepare, cook or serve food and drinks.  Located on Main Street, Schull, Co Cork, Republic Of Ireland – hopefully more photos in the near future.

Anthony OBrien

A fabulous 5th generation Irish Artist Anthony OBrien, who in addition to creating lovely stoneware, earthenware pottery is reviving traditional designs of medival Irish Ceramic. His workshop is located in Shivlagh, Bunowen Louisburgh, Co. Mayo, Ireland.


Replica Medival Redware clay pots by ceramic art Anthony OBrien


 Jun- Glazed serving bowl by Anthony O’Brien

More research to follow… hopefully on location… Please share what you know about Irish clay pots and clay pot cooking!