Columbian Inspired Recipe for Eggs in a Clay Bowl

A Columbian woman who was very excited to see me using clay bowls from her country told me about an egg dish she remembered eating as a child in a black clay bowl just like this. Had to try. Since I only had a brief description I have kind of made them the way I thought I would like them and if anyone knows the real way please share.

This is a fun creative way to make eggs and I have included two different ways.

I gathered all my incredients

Sliced tomatoes

Graded Mozzerela

Crumbly salty Mexican Cheese


Fresh Oregano

Sliced Jalepeno

Slices of cooked sausage (I used Kalebasa)

Minced Garlic



1 Teaspoon of Olive Oil per bowl

Coated the inside of a La Chamba bowl

Go wild layering in any order…

How I made my unmolded egg dome, I built a ring of thinly sliced tomatoes with a jalepeno in the middle. Then I carefully poured an unbroken egg yoke and whites in the very center for a pretty unmolded presentation. then put layers of avacados, salsa, sausage, mozzeralla, sprinkling a herbs, salt and pepper.

Put in an pre heat 325 oven. Start checking in about 25 min to see if the cheese looks melted. The egg at the bottom will get quite cooked if you leave it in for 35 min.

You could serve the eggs in the bowl or you could run a knife around the edge of the eggs.  Invert the bowl on a plate and the eggs unmolded easily. Put some herbs around it and serve.