Claypot Canela, Panela, Star Anise, Rum Sauce

This recipe was inspired when I was given about 20 lbs of Colombian Panela!!! What a surprising ingredient to use for cooking sweets. Offers a complex rich almost Maple Syrup/Brown Sugar flavor. This recipe was tested to rave reviews at a Chamba Claypot food demonstration at the Newark, NJ Art Museum.


The Newark Art Museum has a very choice collection and a fabulous Museum Shop full of very heartfelt quality items from around the world (Chamba Cookware available). For clay pottery lovers!!!! the musuem currently is featuring an inspiring exhibition thru Jan 1oth, 100 Masterpieces of Art Pottery, 1880-1930 .
Claypot Canela, Panela, Rum Sauce


Super easy and great to make in a claypot. I used a smallish oval chamba pot. You could use any shape medium clay pot… I found the Chamba pot cooked the liquid slowly to give this sauce a great texture that was even more intense the following day.

4 cakes of Panela, approx 16 ozs more is fine too (usally hard cakes of boiled down raw sugar cane, resembling brown sugar, Available in Latin,
Carribean and Indian grocery stores. Many different brands and names. Panela, piloncillo,…
2 Cups of Water
1 Cup of Dark Rum – I used a dark 4 year old, Nicaraguan Rum, Flor de Cana, Excellent and a great value A Delightful Rum to sip while you are cooking this sauce too!
4 sticks of Cinnamon. I prefer the turkish vs the mexican cinnamon since it stays hard in the sauce, not prone to flaking and easier to fish out of the finished syrup.
4 Full Stars of star of anise
Melt the panela with the water, cinammon, star anise and rum. Cook over low heat long enough to reduce the sauce to a nice syrup consistency. About twenty min to half an hour. Keep an eye on your cooking sauce and stir it from time to time to you get a consistance you would like to pour on pancakes. Test the sauce by taking a spoon full and pour it slowly back in the pot. If you like how it looks as a sauce then its ready. It will thicken slightly as it cools.

Pour on cake, cream puffs, ice cream, pancakes. A rich caramelly tasting sauce with a delightful taste.
This also a good sauce to mix or to pour on many other baking treats like cheese cake and pumpkin pie.The whipcream below is magical over Pies and Cakes.
For Creampuffs,
Make a classic Puff and fill with the following whipcream and drizzle the Claypot Canela, Panela Rum Sauce.

Panela, Canela, Rum Whipcream
2 Cups Whipping Cream
1/4 C of cooled Panela, Canela Rum Syrup above.
Mix the syrup into the cream. Whip until you have a nice glossy topping.

A very memorable flavor.