Clay pot Bean and Chorizo Stew with Sage & Cheese Coutons

The Stew – serves four

2 T olive oil

1 medium onion chopped fine

4 medium size peeled carrots chopped into small bite size pieces

1 good size parsnip chopped into small bite size pieces

4 C of chicken broth

2 Cans of rinsed Beans – Pintos or your choice

4 slender long links sliced of a spicy chorizo – like Chistorra of Despana Brand Foods. Thicker chorizo could be used just cut up into small bite size pieces.

1/2 t ground smoky paprika

1 sprig of fresh rosemary

1 dried pepper like a Nora pepper – looking for a pepper with a smoky quality

Salt and Pepper to taste

For the Coutons

1/8 C of olive oil

1 large clove of garlic minced

6 large fresh sage leaves

3 slices of bread cut into bite size pieces – sourdough, whole grain work well

1/8 C of grated hard Spanish cheese like a Machego

40 mins to prepare – stove to table.

In your clay pot heat the olive oil with the onions and saute to trasparent. I used a Chilean Pomaireware or you could use a Chamba soup pot, an Emile Henry Crockpot, any heavy ample soup pot.


Next add the cut up vegetables and chorizo, sauté for a minute more then add the broth, rosemary, paprika. Take half of one of the cans of rinsed beans and put in a heavy bowl and slightly mash the beans and add to the broth and vegetables. Cook the mixture until the vegetables are tender and then add the remaining beans and continue to simmer. Feel free to add more broth/water to get your preferred consistency.

While the soup is simmering make the coutons.


Heat the olive oil and chopped garlic in a open clay pan. I used a small oval casserole. When the olive oil gets hot add the full sage leaves to the oil and crisp.

The garlic should be roasting but not getting brown. Remove and drain the crisped sage leaves on a paper towel and put in the pieces of bread to toast in the garlic olive oil.


When the bread is nicely toasted drain on the same paper towel as the sage. Remove from heat and drain out the excess olive oil from the clay casserole and return the coutons to casserole, sprinkle with grated cheese and top with the crispy sage leaves.

Take the soup and coutons in their respective clay cooking pots right to the table nice and hot. Serve the soupy stew in wide mouth bowls with a few of the cheese coutons floating on top.

Great cold weather dish with wine or beer. Add a wild green salad and have a very filling meal.