About Creative Clay Cooking

Welcome to Creative Clay Cooking!!!!!

Creative Clay Cooking is a clearing house for recipes, family traditions, and a resource for everything cooking in clay. Made up of a community of casual and profession cooks who want to explore, share and learn information about cooking in clay.

Clay Cooking is wonderful for many reasons (please suggest more!)

  • Substainable

  • Fair Trade in Many Areas of the World

  • Brings Families Together

  • Green

  • Healthy Cooking

  • Slow Cooking

  • Nurtures the Food

  • Rich Anthropological History

  • Keeps food Moist

  • Great for Crusting Breads

  • Great for Soups and Stews

  • Heirloom and get better the more you use them

  • Stove to table efficiency

  • Cleans easily

  • Collectible

  • No Teflon or metal surface against your food

  • Holistic

  • Ritualistic

I, Nathalie Herling would like to personally invite you to use this site to share your family recipes, collections of pots and questions about clay cooking.  Community an important part of cooking in clay. A family and friends gathering around a hearth to share food and stories. Send my your ideas, recipes and they will be posted for all of us to learn and preserve the rich history, traditions and fabulous food created in these fascinating clay cookware. nathalie@creativeclaycooking.com

Play Stump Nathalie! It would be a great honor, if you have a clay pot in your cookware, family collection that you would let me research and write about on this blog. Please send me a picture and any stores about the pot you would like me to share and I will see what I can find out. It will make my clay pot cooking day. Sent to nathalie@creativeclaycooking.com


a picture from the Edible Brooklyn issue of a wall in my kitchen, with some of my vintage Mexcian bean pots. Also you might notice my other artistic obsession… making bottle cap art.

Edible Brooklyn, one of my favorite food magazines, just put out an article about my “obsession”, clay pot collecting and cooking that you might like to check out. http://www.ediblebrooklyn.net/magazine/index.php/spring-2009/obsessions-spring-09.htm


Please catch one of my cooking demonstrations or classes. From time to time you will see them posted on this site. Join the mailing list too and tell me what town you live in I will let you know if I am in your area.

If you are a retailer, wholesaler or restaurant looking for clay cookware please contact me. Through my research I have developed many resources for locating quality, safe clay cookware from the around the world such as Tunisia, Columbia, Mexico, Bulgaria and offer free consulting and can offer you some wonderful resources.

Happy Cooking and I am really glad we are kindred clay cooking souls

Nathalie Herling




Nathalie Herling, dressed as a Diego Rivera inspired Catrina, for one of her Mexican Day of the Dead talks, workshops and cooking demonstrations.